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Knowledgeable About A Wide Range Of Vehicles

PMC Automotive specializes in a variety of automobile makes and models, both economy and luxury vehicles. We’re confident that our mechanical services are among the best in the Cincinnati area. Our highly qualified technician, top-notch parts and fluids, and exceptional customer service makes us your ideal auto shop choice.


Enthusiast Minded

PMC Automotive has a large understanding of BMW vehicles. From electric water pump failure to oil and coolant leaks, we've seen a lot of the faults that keep BMWs from performing at optimal performance. As fellow enthusiasts with a passion for BMW Motorsports you can rest assured knowing your BMW is in good hands.



Reliable American Transportation

General Motors is one of the most popular US brands, this is why when attending college for Automotive Repair Nico chose to co-op with GM. However, General Motors, like all cars, are plagued with common issues. PMC Automotive has vast knowledge and experience with GM 5.3/6.2 DOD lifter and piston issues. If your GM Truck or SUV has a check engine light on and a ticking noise, call today and we can take care of this issue!


Mercedes Benz

Drive in Style

Mercedes makes one of the smoothest most comfortable vehicles in the world. Mercedes are an absolute pleasure to drive but can be frustrating to own due to the maintenance costs associated with owning one. Let PMC Automotive provide dealer level repair services on your Mercedes for a fraction of the cost. PMC has extensive knowledge in Mercedes air and hydraulic suspension systems, convertible top cylinder replacement, Eaton Supercharger oil replacement, and much more. 

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